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ok so recently i moved in with my grandparents, i live downstairs they live upstairs, they have a wirless network as both of them have laptops, i have a desktop with a wirless card so i can connect, however their connection is password protected and i dont want to have to tote my pc all the way up to connect it to the router via lan cable and they dont know the password because my brother set it up for them, so i called him and he doesnt remember it, is there a way i can find it out without having to direct connect? any help is appreciated thanks in advance even if no one helps lol

ps. im a bit of a n00b so please if your gonna tech talk explain the terminologies to me, thanks again

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  1. Maybe. Use their laptop and go into wireless manager and look at 'thier' network. There shold be an option to show the key/passphrase there.
  2. You can view it like the above poster mentioned, or you can push the reset switch on the router and set it to open defaults, and give it a new password.
  3. but that messes up the grandparents connection. You would need to resetup both laptops if you reset it.
  4. thanks i found it by looking on their laptop thanks so much
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