$1400 gaming pc


BUDGET RANGE: $1400-$1500 w shipping&tax

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, some video editing, web surfing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers



PARTS PREFERENCES: ATI eyefinity, i7 or amd cant decide


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: probably not

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: would like the case to be tooless if possible and might water cool down the line
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  1. i7 is the best choice right now (even though futuristic LGA1155 will have backward support for it) still, I suggest and LGA1156 motherboard and an i7 8xx series if u will have a single video card.

    an i7 9xx system will be more powerful than i7 8xx system and can handle two video cards nicely, however it will cost you about $1500.

    I say get an LGA1156 motherboard and start building your system from there.
    LGA1156 are very power efficient and easily overclockable to 4.0GHz on air.

    am in a hurry so gotta go ^_^/
  2. ok... so here is a suggested system for an i7 9xx

    ($380) Motherboard:

    ($290) CPU:
    u gotta do some overclocking for the CPU, at least, aim for 3.6GHz... u will idle around 40C with a good cpu cooler. I suggest Coolermaster V6GT.

    ($150) RAM: red hot ram for your red hot mobo with lifetime warranty

    CASE: cases represents you and reflect the hardware inside... choose what u like... i have Thermaltake Spedo Advanced (have some flaws) and i like it. Look for what u like. I would suggest the Coolermaster brand.

    HDD: ~

    ($295) VideoCard: I would go for HD9870

    ($110) PSU: silent with 5 years warranty

    TOTAL PRICE: $1225
    u will have about $275 room for a case, HDD, and might as well add an SSD for performance.
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  4. cool builds mrhoshos96... I live where prices are doubled so am not so good at selecting performance:value ratio

    why don't u like the psu? I have it and it does what it's supposed to do the way it's supposed to do.
  5. no i meant that corsair's xfx's and seasonic's live longer
  6. mrhoshos96 said:

    I like the builds thank you. i just have a few questions. Is the i7 build good enough to oc? and will it run complex games at high settings?
  7. yes that hsf can get u up to 4ghz

    yes it will run all games maxed out except metro 2033(which the 5970 can'thandle
  8. mrhoshos96 said:
    yes that hsf can get u up to 4ghz

    yes it will run all games maxed out except metro 2033(which the 5970 can'thandle

    Ok great i think this is the build im going with

    thank you to both of you for posting
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