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OK, so I read here that onboard graphics are no good. But no one says why. If I have 6 gig of memory on my Intel Q9300, vista Home Premium 64 bit, Intel DG45ID mobo, and I allocate 2 gig to the onboard video, can someone tell me why that would not perform well?
Is it just because the "engine" is so slow? And not a matter of available memory? thanks, dac
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  1. It could have 5TB of memory, it wouldnt make a difference. The memory in your system has far greater latency than the memory on a graphics card, and is generally significantly slower, with a smaller bus width as well. IGPs also have fewer processors that tend to be lower performing over all to keep their heat production down.

    GPUs work similarly to a CPU, if you had a pentium 2 with 4GB of ram you wouldnt expect it to run fallout 3 well, it has plenty of RAM but it isnt nearly fast enough to need that much, no matter how much memory you gave it it just wouldnt have the processing power to give you decent performance. The same applies to the GPU.
  2. IGPs are good for basic use. The x4500HD is good enough to smoothly play back 1080p blu ray. I have an intel celeron e3300 2.5Ghz with a g45 itx mobo and it works great for what its meant for: Blu ray, internet, and online streaming.
  3. ^+1 for hunter... :)
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