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I bought new lanovo labtop. And in my computer there was a drive listed as Lanovo revovery center and it's for reverting the computer to it's original form. Aparrently to get that space back I had to download it into a another source. So I got my dad's 461GB hard drive and downloaded it in that. But I didn't read the message that came after that which said would you like to overwrite this drive and clicked yes. after a while it asked again and I said yes again. Then I checked the hard drive and found it compleately empty. Immidiately I stopped the program. Now I want to recover those files. They contain every ipicture we had since my grandparents wedding to my prom and I want to know how to recover it.
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  1. First -- go slow and do not write anything else to the drive. Then check to see if the pictures were backed up anywhere else, which they should have been as an external drive is not reliable enough alone. But they probably weren't so I would start by using a freeware program, Recuva, to determine if the files are still available and backup as many as you can find.
  2. you never know whether the file is truly overwritten. because even system reported that there's same file name and overwrite it, internally it could be possible that the data is written to another space and the original space is marked as deleted. In this case, the files are recoverable by data recovery program. So the best way is to try some data recovery program to see whether files are recoverable. Here you can follow this guide:
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