On sale 5830 vs 5850

Hey all.
Here's the deal. I need a graphics update from a 9600GT and originally planned on a 5850. However a sale has just popped up with this 5830 model.


it would cost me 216$ total.

The cheapest 5850 model would cost me 345$ total, and it is the xfx egg-shaped cooler model, followed by the HIS icooler model for 375$ total.



I know that the 5850 is a lot better, but that is an extremely good price. I want to play the latest games at 1920x1080 res. Don't worry about my system specs and case I know I can handle both cards (I will try and post them when I get on a pc, I'm in my phone lol, this was urgent)

please note these are canadian prices.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. That is a good buy on the HD5830. You might not get the same details in every game but it is a great price.
  2. I plan to overclock, I forgot to mention that. Usually the 5850 is better performance for the money, but this sale eliminates that does it not?
    I would have this card for about a year.

    I'm just clarifying things--thanks!
  3. i hav3 read during my search on net that AMD has blocked overclocking on hd 5830 due to some reasons.......
    please do search....and plz inform me ...plz friends......
    coz i'm going to buy this card......if overclocking issue is true then....... i'll change my mind to hd 5850 or hd 4890...
  4. pleas3 also tell that...the drivers which ar3 in xfx hd 5830's box ar3 the cat 10.3 or 10.6?
  5. Oh my days....Kim whats wrong with your "e" key on your keyboard, why are you using the number 3 to replace the letter "e"? Its annoying!
    /Rant over....

    @OP Thats a great price on the HD5830 and for almost all games will be great for 1920 x 1080.
  6. nothings wrong with it as you can see hes used it alot, hes just being a leet wow gamer boy.
  7. annoying if you ask me... I guess its a matter of opinion as to whether or not you find it annoying.

    Like you said he's just being 1337....>.<
  8. Lol well im not easily annoyed but after a while it could get annoying, the one thing that bugs me is russians use )) as :) anyone else notice this?
  9. If Russians use )) it's probably because your computer is not properly rendering/displaying Дурак никогда
  10. im sure my PC can render text proply mate lol :\
  11. If you don't set it up in Window's language thing there's a lot of scripts it won't display.
  12. well i can see what your typeing now mate so thats just not the case :\
  13. hey dude....i'm asking about driver version cat 10.3 or cat 10.6?
    which one is better for xfx ati radeon 5830 ?
    and also tell that which one would be in the box?
  14. The HD5830 will come with the drivers that were out when it was released, I can't quite remember when it was release, I think it might have been February so it would come with 10.2 drivers.

    Anyway that doesn't matter as you can just download the latest drivers (10.6) from ATi's website.

    Generally speaking you want to get the latest drivers as they fix known issues and sometimes increase performance.
  15. hi friends....plz tell me one more thing....
    actually i have 600w psu .....is it enough to get full performence from xfx ati radeon hd 5830 overclock at 985c and 1250m?
  16. Dude dont go for 5830, performance wise its much closer to 5770 that to 5850, get 5850 you can get it here for $280


    Guys from ati disabled way too much in 5830, get 5850 and dont look back
  17. Quote:
    Every 5830 review was done with cat 10.2 release drivers and they SUCKED. It's a lot closer to the 5850 then the 5770

    Show me the review with newer driver and major performance boost over 10.2. New driver never does miracles, it wont give you more than few percent of performance increase. More stability - YES. Much more performance - NO. The point is - no matter what 5830 will always SUCK against 5850.
  18. I would also agree i think the 5830 would be a great buy now especially if you only going to keep it a year, at that price the 5830 really has a great price to performance, and really games aren't going to be getting much more demanding any time soon, the consoles have really slowed down implementation of new graphic feature
  19. The 5830 will soon be discontinued once the GTX 460 goes mainstream, AMD has already confirmed this. So spend your $$ wisely, I would recommend waiting for the release of the GTX 460 @ around 230.00$/260.00$.
  20. Quote:
    Agreed. I can already see the 460 deals at 199.99

    Yep, by then there will be no point in buying the 5770 nor the 5850..
  21. thanks friends........
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