My D: drive suddenly disappeared

Recently set up this computer, and never really did anything with D:, it was just there and I thought it was OK.

I have a small SSD with the OS, and everything else is on D:. Was playing BF3 and suddenly it crashed, and I noticed that the whole drive is gone. Can't even see it under disk drives in device manager.

So what do I do? Is there an easy fix or do I have to format it? Or even worse, do I have to mess with C: as well?
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  1. Well, Im now on my laptop. I restarted and went into BIOS to see if it was there, and it wasn't. When I exited BIOS, it wouldn't boot. It stated that there was no boot drive, even though my SSD C: is the first choice (actually the only boot priority).

    No idea what is happening. Gonna open it to see if the cable is out or something.


    Opened it and checked. The cables seemed allright, but I tried to tighten it a little bit, but don't think it was that. However, when I started it again, everything was all right again, and D: is back.

    Is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn't happen again?

    And another thing, it seems like it's slower to start, the MOBO logo in the beginning is there much longer now.
  2. Likely either the cable is out, or there was a short on the SATA controller.
  3. Well now it's seems like everything is normal, but could this happen again?

    Is it the PSU? (Corsair HX620W)
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