Hi was up, ok guys my question is this theres like 4 diff brand names of this card the ati 5970, what is the best one? does not matter whats the cheaper one or not, i just wanna know what the better one is by how the card works, i wanna get 2 of this card, i know thats over kill , but i can lol. i heard storys on all of them, but how they perform and how they were made,what is the best card to buy? thank you
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  1. The Sapphire 4GB one is the best model.
  2. but ima get 2 of em, so hows 2 sapphire ones? is it still the best the 2 gb ones?
  3. The 4GB versions (2gb each) are great for high resolution 2560x1600 and AA turned up, since the 2GB versions (1gb each) will run out of VRAM.

    3x 5870s 1GB however will perform just as good, if not better compared to 2x 5970 2GBs due to better scaling and higher clocks.
    Also, 3 5870s will cost around $1100-$1200, while 2 5970 2GBs will cost $1200-$1400.
  4. damn not sure what to get now. my system is gonna cosist of , a i7 980x ina antec 1200 case, a asus rampage 3 board , 12 gbs of gskill ram, and then i want 2 video cards, i was looking at 2 5970s , but everyone is telling me something diff.lolim still confused on what to get , what sounds good for my system? i play games i also edit videos and record music on the computer.
  5. You have to consider with 2 5970s you are effectively running 4 gpus and as we all know the more gpus the worse the scaling and the more likley you are to have issues. As much as I prefer ATI cards if you determined to have 2 cards might be better to look at 2 480s as they are only single gpu cards but still have comparable performance in a lot of areas.

    edit - also count your self lucky you dont live in NZ like me, one 5970 4gb = $1900, one 2gb = $1000. I myself spent a whooping $1400 for 2 5870s....its bullshit how badly we get shafted over here.
  6. DAMN THATS IS ALOT, what type of problems would i have ? i mean i know alot of people that have 2 to 4 video cards in there system, never heard em say somethings wrong with it though, i have no idea?
  7. Sorry should have been more clear, not saying there is specific problems that happen just in general with more complexity comes the higher likelihood something will go wrong or just not work as well as it should. The only specific issue that would deter me (other than price in my country) is that I have seen very poor scaling results with 2 5970s and other quad fire setups. In the end though dude if you got the coin to drop sure you will still have an fps destroying rig no matter what of the option you go with.
  8. Oh ok damn now I want a 4gb one would I see a major difference if I get 2 2gb ones instead of 2 4gb ones? Thanks
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