ASRock 870 EXTREME3 2.0 8x?

Hey guys,

How would you say the performance would be for a crossfire 5870 setup? Will the 2x5870 require more bandwidth than the pci 2.0 8x that it would already have. Is the chipset good for gaming opposed to other motherboards? How much performance percentage difference would there be to the 2.0 16 x slot in crossfire?

lastly, Would I even be able to crossfire two 5870 for eyefinity?

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    The HD 5870 is very slightly limited by the x8 bandwidth, the difference between x8 and x16 is less than 4 % if I recall.

    The 870 chipset is not really that much different, just provides less lanes then say the 890FX, which has x16/x16, although is quite a bit more expensive, and 890GX/880G have integrated graphics which are kinda pointless for some.

    Eyefinity should work with CrossFireX'd cards.
  2. Ok thankyou very much for everything :)
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  4. You're welcome.
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