Low 3d Mark Vantage CPU score

Hey guys!

Ive been having a few issues with my CPU performance:


AMD Phenom II x4 825 (2.8GHZ)
Sapphire HD 5970

My GPU score on 3d Mark vantage was 20947 which is solid so i know my card is working well but my CPU score was just 9606!!!!

Im not getting top performance in ganes like crysis and now i know just how much my cpu is bottlenecking my card etc!

Is this in face a Very low CPU score and what can I do to improve it. I cant OC my CPU because I have a dell motherboard. Is there any other way I vcan boost its performcance besides OC.

Any suggestions appreciated!!!
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  1. You dont say which mothoerboard you have, so make sure your cores are all enabled, clocks/timings are correct (esp in the FSB and memory timings, your motherboard bios is up to date and supports your PhenomII
  2. It is a dell pc. How do I check if all the cores are enabled and the timings etc. cheers
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