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earlier today i was playing crysis just before i was about to uninstall it.. i figured before i uninstall it why not go ahead and play it one last time just so that way it can remind me of why im uninstalling this game of evil.. so i put it on and about 3-4 minutes into it my system completely shut down.. i turned the pc back on and the monitor was getting a no signal.. so i went out and bought a vga cord and a dvid cord.. just mybe it'd be that simple.. NO... crysis knew its evil was going to be destroyed so it attacked me before i attacked him.. finally after a couple trial and errors..a cmos jump and a nice little windows 7 reinstall that wiped my whole system clean.. i got my pc up and running again.. BUT.. the gpu is not detected.. only the onboard video.. the gpu coolers fans turn on and all but its still not recognizing the gpu.. and also three red lights pop up on the video card and turn off after a second or 2 .. my specs are MOBO:m4a785TD-V EVO, CPU:phenom 955x4, RAM:4gbs ddr3 1333, 700w cooler master PSU, powercolors OC edition 4890, western digital 640GB HD.. sooooo... im wondering if my video card is dead or what the three red lights mean?? if anybody could help me out id really appreciate it..
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  1. As far as the red lights, from what I understand they'll light up during POST and then turn off when the POST diagnostic is complete. When the lights light up and then go off, I believe that means it past the POST test. If your lights are on for a sec or two then that's good. Do you have any idea what your temps are like? Have you physically inspected the card itself to see if anything's amiss?
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    Try your card in different PC with a good PSU, HD4890 is a power hungry card, so if you test it in another PC and still suffer from the same problem then your card is dying...
  3. physically the card looks fine.. the three red lights come on and blink 2 short blinks and then one blink thats a little longer.. i downloader the latest 10.6 drivers.. but all thats doing is going to mobos onboard 4200 graphics.. before all this mess happened i had the 10.4 drivers for my card.. i dont know if that would affect it or not..but im stupmed.. its looking like i might have to rma it..
  4. ill see if i can try my card in another rig.. hopefully itll take.. my psu 700w so it should be good.. but it might be the psu
  5. I had a similar problem with my 5770 where it looked like I lost signal to my monitor. This was after attempting to OC it. However, when I logged in as administrator, I can see the gpu and the gpu actually worked. Had no probs running bc2 and other games as admin, but under my personal log on, I'd at least get the desktop for a few seconds before my monitor would lose signal. After installing and reinstalling drivers for a few hours, it just started to work again. Can you even get into safe mode or log in as admin?
  6. before i had to reinstall windows 7 i was always admin.. now its not letting me even log into safe mode.. i didnt even check until you said something.. thats weird.. you think that could be the problem? im hitting f8 and nothing at alls happening all its doing is telling me if i want to boot from my harddrive or sata..
  7. That is weird. Hopefully someone else with more experience can chime in. For now, I'd see if you can put the card in another rig and see if it fires up. Because the lights light up and then go off, which would mean it's passed POST, I'm guessing it's driver related. If it works on a different rig, I'd suggest try rolling back drivers and see how that works. I'm stumped otherwise man.
  8. i think your right.. it should be posting.. so far i feel like im on the right track.. thank you.
  9. anybody have any ideas on why its not letting me into safe mode?
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