Dead video card? No signal.

My computer has been working fine for over a year and suddenly today my monitor says no signal. I didn't update any drivers/bios/hardware for months. I have a geforce 9800gtx+ that has never been overclocked.
My first thought was that the monitor was broken so I tried it on my brother's computer and it turns on fine on his. With the monitor out of the equation I'm wondering what else could be the culprit?
My computer seems to be working fine, the only problem is I see no video. I actually hear the computer boot up to windows and I can use my hotkeys to play songs. Any help please? A possible dead video card?
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  1. Well, because you have tested the monitor, that leaves either the video card or the monitor cable.

    Remember, the POST cannot test the complete video card. It can only test the interface between the motherboard and the video card.
  2. Can you connect your monitor to your mobo via vga or something. If not, if you have an old crt monitor and can connect to your mobo, boot up and delete your old drivers. Take the video card out, reseat it, and see if windows detects the new hardware, update your drivers. See if that does anything.
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