OCZ Dataplex software for Synapse Drives Reliable?


I have a question.

I have been looking into caching drives recently. I know that if possible, it is better just to get an SSD for your main drive, but, in my case, it may not be practical as my main drive currently has about 500GB of data on it.

That being said, I was looking for the best caching option. Now, there are only 2 caching technologies (excluding hybrid drives) that I am aware of: OCZ's synapse drives, or Intel SRT. Since Intel SRT would be more expensive (the cost of a motherboard, CPU, and SSD), so I pretty much decided on the OCZ solution.

The problem is that I have been reading of the the reviews on newegg, and it seems that many people have a problem with OCZ's Dataplex software, even to the point where they had to reinstall Windows...

So, any thoughts about the Dataplex software? Is it reliable? Would it be a good solution?

Thank you so much!

Please reply!

-- Yogman
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  1. OCZ Dataplex... It is good yes. Be warned though, the guys that programmed the software for caching are very picky, and do not support a lot of products because "they don't like it".

    I just built a server, 2 Opteron 8 core processors, 3 HDD's in a RAID 5, 16 GB RAM.. and I wanted to use a OCZ Caching drive that used Dataplex. I got it in and behold, I cannot use it in Server 2008. There are a lot of things you cannot use this on and they don't list it publicly. I'll copy the limitations text file I got from the software to make sure you make the best decision.


    1. When a boot drive is selected to be the Target Drive in Advanced
    Mode, the drive must be configured as MBR (Master Boot Record)

    2. If the selected Target drive has the Windows installation
    (C:\Windows folder), then it must also have Windows System
    Partition (100MB partition) on the same drive and vice-versa.

    3. Multiple OSes are not supported.

    4. Only one cache drive is supported in a system.

    5. There cannot be two identical SSDs in the system, one of which
    is to be used as cache.

    6. There is no support for RAID sets as the cache drive.

    7. If after uninstallation of Dataplex, the system is restored to a
    prior state in which Dataplex was installed, Dataplex will be
    started in a disabled state.

    8. The following configuration(s) are not supported:
    - NVIDIA storage controllers

    DISCLAIMER: NVELO may make changes to specification and product
    descriptions at any time, without notice.

    (c) 2012 NVELO, Inc. All rights reserved. www.nvelo.com
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