Which is a better gaming system?

I'm saving up to build a new gaming PC (I'd like this one to last me a bit), and I'm pricing an AMD+ATI system against an Intel+nVidia system.

The AMD system has an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and a 5760/5750 running in Crossfire (both motherboards have the same RAM speed and amount, 8gb). The Intel is an i7 860 and an nVidia 460 and 465 running in SLI.

Problem is, the i7 costs significantly more, and I'm wondering if the extra performance I can squeeze out of it would be worth it, in the long run.

The games I'm looking at playing in the future: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Diablo III, Cataclysm, FFXIV, and probably a few others here and there, all at 1680x1050 resolution.

My current machine (about two years old) is an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz, 4gb DDR2 800 RAM, and a single 1GB nVidia 9800gt. I could, I suppose, put in a Core 2 Quad and another video card to update my current system, but most prices I've seen on that option run me about half to three-quarters what the AMD system cost would be.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. /me scratches head

    Why are u doing multi GPU @ just 1680 x 1050? I would just hit a HD 5830/GTX 460, stick to single GPU and upgrade down the road @@

    Eg: $660AR (less $20 if u down the F3 1TB to F3 500) This is assuming no h/w was salvaged from your previous rig even!

  2. ^ Nice one bat.

    You love your Corsair XMS3 & NZXT M59 combo don't ya? :D

    It's great and cheap...
  3. batuchka said:
    /me scratches head

    Why are u doing multi GPU @ just 1680 x 1050? I would just hit a HD 5830/GTX 460, stick to single GPU and upgrade down the road @@

    Because my monitor's max resolution is 1680x1050 (LG W2486L). I assumed (wrongly?) multi-GPU would be an improvement over single-GPU for graphics-intensive games. Is that only for resolutions higher than 1680x1050?

    If that's the case then, any reason for the preference of AMD over Intel?
  4. ^ At 1680 x 1050, an HD 5830 or GTX 460 is more than enough for most games. Two would be pointless in the sense it gets you higher frames, but it's not noticeable seeing as the cards are already powerful enough. The exception to this is Crysis and other games of the resource-intensive sort.

    As for batuchka's preference of AMD over Intel, it's cheaper but it gets the job done.
  5. Cheaper and serviceable is my philosophy. I think I'll pare down the system I had in mind to the Radeon HD 5670. Is it worth it to get an AM3 socket on the motherboard, or am I wasting power at that level as well?
  6. Ihay for 1680x1050, you don't even need dual gpu setup :P dual GPU's is usual i think its 1900xblah and up where it'll actually help alot... I run nearly the same monitor as you, but its the 23" LG version, same res, and i use a 5850, it runs perfectly fine, any game from valve you'll max out practically. Intel does have better chips, i admit although im an amd fan, But AMD provides the better value, plus there actually affordable and with the AM3 socket you'll be able to upgrade for awhile (referring to the Bulldozer) However with intel, there are cutting out and heading to Sandy Bridge, which is just stupid because if rumors are correct, there a money leecher... ANYWHO, for the games your playing they mostly rely on GPU not CPU so it'll make little difference going from amd to intel :P There not RTS's afterall or everquest. the 460 is sadly the better chip at it's price point. If you really care about dual GPU so much you could just go with CF 5770s which = to one 5870? OR with the money you save from not going with the i7 860, which is 120$ with the initial budget of going for a 460GTX, you could get a 5850, a 460 may compare to a 5850 when OC'd, but the 5850 can be OC'd even further and get up to the performance of a 5870 if OC'd enough i'm sure. Plus at 320$ you can almost get a toxic, and those will OC like a beast, that or the HIS iCooler Turbo V
  7. Here's what I configured (within my budget)

    Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 5850
    Corsair XMS3 6GB (3 x 2 GB) DDR3 1333
    AMD Phenom X4 955
    MSI 870A-G54 AM3 AMD 870
    Rosewill Cruiser Black ATX mid-tower
    Rosewill RBR750-M 750W power supply
    1 TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0 HDD
    LG optical drive
    Windows 7x64

    Look good? Or am I missing something?
  8. Additionally, if I stick with my current case, power supply, OS, etc. (basically the same, except for a different case and a 650W power supply), I can bring the price down by about half if I get just the mobo/GPU/CPU/RAM.
  9. That 3x2 GB is a triple channel kit designed for Intel LGA 1366 boards.

    You'd be better off with this kit:

    G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz CL7 - $99.99

    750W is a tad too much, 650W is more than enough for an overclocked Phenom II X4 955 and dual HD 5850s, and seeing as you're using one HD 5850 and not expanding to two as the MSI 870A-G54 can't do proper CrossFireX, you can stay with your old case and PSU, and save that $.

    For your HDD, this is my recommendation:

    Western Digital Caviar Black SATA 6.0/Gbps 1 TB 7200 RPM - $94.99

    Why bother with the Toxic editions? Save $30 and get the regular Vapor-X and overclock it yourself using ATi Overdrive which is very simple, all Sapphire does is add a 30 MHz o/c.
  10. Actually, if you have the money, go for 8 gigs of ram
  11. Why? The avg person only need 4gbs of Ram. Also as Lmeow said only LGA 1366 boards support triple channel he suggested is a better deal. Ripjaws are great for a low price.

    However Lmeow, i don't know about the HDD, i think the Samsung F3 1tb is a much better HDD and its cheaper too. Expecially since the F3 runs 500gb platters while the WD runs 334gb platters.

    For the PSU if your PSU, i'd rather go with the XFX PSUs, especially since the XFX Black Edition 750watt 80+ SILVER Certified (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817207003&Tpk=xfx%20750) Mainly because the efficiency is higher since its silver cert. But also it'll be the same price as the rosewill's because of the rebate, and XFX is a company that does actually honor them. Also, say you do actually go with the Toxic edition, with that price, http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.448428 this combo will allow you to actually get a 5870 for a good deal, if you do take into account for the rebate.
  12. The WD Caviar Black WD1002FAEX that Lmeow listed does have 500 GB platters.

    However, there's really no reason to get that drive over the Spinpoint F3 or the Seagate 7200.12, as no 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive even maxes out SATA 3.0 Gb/s (SATA II), so as far as I can tell, the only reason for that drive to be SATA 6.0 Gb/s is marketing. The non-WD drives are less expensive, and have basically the same performance (the WD is a little faster at random small reads, the others are faster at streaming reads).
  13. What about this configuration? I got it as part of a package deal on Newegg:

    I can use my current case and HDD if I decide to go that route. I may just get a new case, optical drive, and HDD so that I can sell my old system to my brother-in-law and recoup some of my expenditures.
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