Time sucks

Have trouble keeping right time. Replaced battery 8 times. Bios ( TIME ) won't stay, most of the time it won't do auto sync from desk top. DAY and DATE stay correct. ONLY time keeps messing up. XP-Pro 64bit.... Gigabyte MA785G-US2H.......wudup ?

ignore the " FIC"....... had to chose something or it wouldn't post.
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  1. Tried updating the BIOS to latest version?

    Also try setting everything to default settings in BIOS in case you've been doing some OC or tweaking or something.
  2. Had the latest BIOS. "down" graded to F11. Not the problem. No over clocking.
  3. Does it happen only within the os( like the winxp time gets reset) or also in the BIOS gets reset?

    Have a read here: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000386.htm

    See if disabling Cool n' Quiet from BIOS helps.

    It could be software related, though very unlikely, but technically a program (malware?) can get to reset or manipulate BIOS settings, so try doing a clean install as last hope
  4. pulled the new battery and walked away for a while. came back in ( forgetting about battery ) started machine and did my stuff. ran fine after setting stuff up again. realized I left out battery. shut down, put battery back in, restarted. been stable since. go figure...... one for the record books......... thanks for suggestions.
  5. Its too much irritating to wait...
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