~$1500 Mostly non-gaming System (again)

So, I asked for help here before on this system and got the parts list all done, but then everything started getting really expensive (partially cos the Aussie dollar vs US dollar went down) so we waited until prices started dropping back to reasonable points, which has happened in the past few weeks.

(For my dad btw - there's also a few more things added since the last thread, including different needs for the hardware, different OS, model numbers are now known etc)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: He said soon, so probably within next 2 or so weeks.



PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Full System - requires monitor, OS, mouse

MSY PDF: A bit hard on the eyes if you haven't looked at it before
MSY new site: Pick any branch, it only shows differences in stock
CPL: The first pdf on the site is the standard price list. (The link changes every time it's updated) It's a bit more expensive, keep in mind the OEM OS requirements (see below)
Try and get as many things as possible from MSY as they are cheaper. They also require CPU+mobo+RAM+HD to be purchased to qualify for OEM OS, so you should try and get it from there.


PARTS PREFERENCES: He's sort of paranoid about AMD overheating, but I should be able to convince him to switch. I just need a decent mobo that they sell, since MSY's range is limited for AMD based ones. It's about 55-45 in Nvidia's favour for the GPU, but it's no massive preference.

OVERCLOCKING: Unlikely. My 5 page print-out outlining that it will not cause nuclear meltdowns has failed thus far...

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Possibly in future. It's sort of unlikely, but I'd prefer it to be on there.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'll be hijacking this computer whenever there's not enough computers when we host mini LAN parties, so that's why there needs to be a decentish card in here. Final card will depend on the prices of cards at the time. Currently the GTS 250 is at a pretty good price, but he's willing to get a 5770, it's just more expensive.

Thanks for everyone who's helped before this and thanks to everyone who's helping now... it's not much fun typing on this computer.. old.. very old.. This one is aimed at lasting a decent amount of time before feeling the same.

Current stuff:
I'm trying to explain that he doesn't need 2 LAN ports with the router, which is why there's 2 mobos there.

$248 Intel i5 750 (unless there's a good AMD mobo at MSY)
$224/$206 Gigabyte P55A-UD4P/Asus P7P55D-E PRO
$114 Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333 C9 (selection of RAM isn't too good)
$81 Seagate 1TB 7200.12 (no F3s at either place)
$129/$181 Zotac 1GB GTS 250/HIS 1GB 5770 (depends on pricing as I said before)
$65 Antec 300
$105 Corsair VX-550
$30 Sony OEM drive
$229 Asus VH242H
$19 MS Wired 600 Desktop (he doesn't like anything beyond basic in mouse+KB)
$75 Logitech Z-523 (These are currently much cheaper than usual at CPL)
$110 MS Windows 7 HP 64-bit

$1427 Using the first mobo+first graphics

Think that's it. Thanks :)
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    The ASUS P7P55D-E Pro is a much better choice.

    Doubt your dad's going to care too much about SiSoftware Sandra, RAM is fine, CL9 & CL7 have no real performance differences, noticeable ones anyway.

    Otherwise looks good, go for the HD 5770 too - you can CrossFireX later on should you ever need the power, the VX550W is more than capable of doing so.

    Why does MSY have such a fail layout?
  2. Yeh, I'll switch to the Asus with the 5770 as long as I can explain the stuff I learnt about routers over in the network section ;)

    Hmm.. thinking about it I might switch to a Meownom X9 on the AM3 socket... :lol:

    The new "online store" is ok. The main reason they keep the fail layout on most of their pages imo is so that they get lots of links saying that their layout is such a fail. Then if you google for something computer related in Aus, they're near the top of the list. It's all publicity ;)

    Still they offer the cheapest prices on almost everything in Australia, so no complaints from me and most of my fellow Aussie techies.
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