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I have a Pentium III running Win98SE. I have not used it for several years. It still boots up and I can see the data that I want to retrieve. It is legible and complete (old C++ code). It does not media that is compatible with my current computer which is a Mac Pro. I tried installing a USB card, and I have the driver, but the operating system does not recognize the driver. It's looking for a *.INF file whereas the driver on the manufacturer's CD has another extension.

what do I do here? My next thought is to reinstall the operating system since I have system disks in good shape. I don't want to take the chance of losing the data on the hard drive.

Can I just use some kind of adapter to connect directly to the hard drive and treat it as an external on my Mac?
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    Will your data will fit on a flash drive?

    The following URLs have generic Win98SE drivers for USB mass storage devices.

    The 3.x version of the Maximus Decim driver set includes drivers for USB2.0 host controllers.
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