USB powering on/off during boot + MB.I.T

I recently just finished building a new PC and after some intial issues, that mainly being a damaged motherboard, i replaced it with the following - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel X58 (Socket 1366) DDR3 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard.

Now everything "seems" to be fine, although again intially after installing this motherboard i got two BSOD, which seemed random and to which i've now narrowed down to either a bad windows install (since the last motherboard worked with 1 stick of RAM i got windows installed and i didn't bother to reinstall when i replaced the board) or a USB issue.

The reason why im thinking it's a possible USB issue is because i went to put in my USB on the front panel to d/l the memtest software and it BSOD (this was the first time it did it), after that i proceded to open the case up and move any stray wires, aswell as check for any damaged ones (i could not find any) and finally just to make sure everything was plugged it correctly.

I also did a SFC /Scannow and a memtest (the first scan fixed some stuff - but then i later proceded to just wipe windows again since it was bugging me) The memtest passed - i let it run through 5 phases.

Either way, touch wood so far it hasn't done it again. I've just this very second plugged in my USB dongle into the front two USB slots to test it.

However there's something that is bugging me quite abit with when the computer is booting up and when i enter into the MB Intelligent Tweaker in the BIOS (only the MB Intelligent Tweaker - everything else works as normal)

During the boot first of all if i don't enter the BIOS, it seems like the USB devices are getting power cycled quite a bit, im not expert in this, hence why im here, but it seems to happen too much. The reason why i know it's doing this is because 1) My Razor copperhead mouse flashes on - off a few times, and 2) my USB headset makes a popping noise several times aswell.

Now i realise the motherboard is powering up the USB slots and therefore the devices but my old computer (using the same USB devices) if i recall correctly that is, only did this once, not several times.

I'd like to point out that i have removed each USB plug during this time but the behaviour continued. It seems to happen at first post screen - it powers them on then off, then again at the second post screen, then again at windows logo screen.

Now the MB Intelligent Tweaker menu in the BIOS, when i enter this part it also starts to "cycle the USB power", again my mouse flashes and my headphones pop. It also seems to lag out this part of the BIOS or it could be because it is power cycling the USB ports that my keyboard keeps going on/off, regardless when I'm in this it's no longer just a few times buy constant until I back out of it and back to the main menu in the BIOS.

I have messed around with several BIOS options such as enable USB mouse/keyboard etc etc, none of which solves the problem, although when i enabled/disabled them i didn't actually save and exit the BIOS screen and reboot - would that matter?

Failing that from my very little expierence in the more detailed side of the BIOS everything seems to be inline, so if anyone of you could give me some ideas that will be great.

Ofcourse if you require some BIOS details or anything please ask.

For reference PC Spec :

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel X58 (Socket 1366) DDR3 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard
I7 950 CPU
8gig DDR3 1.65V RAM (clocked to run at 1600 -9-9-9-24)
560 TI GPU
1TB HDD 7200rpm
750watt PSU
HAF -X Coolmaster Case
DVI - Monitor x2

USB devices plugged in are :

Iphone cable
Razor Copperhead Mouse
Logitech G15 Keyboard
WD External HDD

Thanks for the long read and honestly thank you for any help you may be able to give.
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  1. No idea's? I'm only asking because of it BSOD when input in that USB stick that one time. I'm concerned something needs changing in the BIOS or I'll short my board at some point.

    Again thank you
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