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Hello i've been playing ffxiv at max setting's and my temps on cpu have gotten as high as 55c while playing for about 2hrs and my gtx480 gets to about 89c never seen the temps get this high on any other game. Also am notice the textures on characters look slightly distorted. PSU is 750watt antec 80plus. Any idea if this is safe operating temps? Thanks
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  1. ok good to know. thank you
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    While you are within spec, you are heating up your total system when pushing it at max settings for prolonged periods. Of concern is your comment on distortion of images.

    Are you overclocking your CPU or GPU? If so, go back to default settings and play again to see what happens.

    Also, how is your systems overall airflow and cleanliness? Take a peek inside and clean, if needed, and optimize your case airflow by maximizing your airflow (moving cables, when possible, is a big help.

    Good luck!
  3. No overclocks, case has good airflow and wire managment new build so dust wouldnt be causing issues just yet
    The only distortion i get is on the characters themselves where skin is showing only.... thanks for reply
  4. FFXIV is still in beta, right? Could be a software issue.
  5. its live now, but yea basically i guess beta somewhat, not optimized... Im not really to concerned at this point as its not making the game unbearable by any means like tearing would..
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