Build me a cheap PC

I'm just about to start an artist and animation course and I require a specific spec in order to run the programmes.
Money is a bit tight though.

The spec requires these minimums:
CPU: 2GHz or better
Windows XP or Vista: inc. SP2 for XP
Hard drive: 250gb or more
Sound card: 16 bit SoundBlaster compatible or better
Graphics card: 32 MB or better, DirectX compatible with direct 3D support and hardware texture and lighting
Ram: 4GBCD-Rom: 16x or better
Direct(x): 9
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  1. BUILD ME?? its and order lol?
  2. Fill in the Homebrew Template please, it's in my signature, and then copy it and fill it out in this thread.
  3. Athlon 2 x2 , 4gb ddr2, 785 g mobo, any cheap psu, 17/19" tft , basic k/b n mouse will serve u perfectly .
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