PSU for GTX 480?

650 watt? 750 watt?

Price is a big variable since I wanna keep it below 1400

Should I even consider the GTX 480 if im going to use the Antec 300 Illusion?
Maybe upgrade to antec 900?
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  1. I'm not sure the GTX480 will fit in the 300. You should double check that.

    I think Nvidia says you need a 500 or 600W with around 40A for a system with the GTX480. I know the Antec Neo 520 has 40A, so most quality 550W PSUs should be enough. The TDP for a GTX480 is around 300W, so if you want an SLI rig you should plan on a 750 at least, an 800W is a better idea.
  2. 750w. Might be $25-30 more and You will feel alot better about it. It gives you more flexibility when adding additional components aswell. At the same time don't bump up to a lesser quality 750w.
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