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I have my C Drive on a Corsair 120 GB SSD.
Its working temperature is being shown as 128 degrees C, from the very beginning and till I shut down the PC. The disk is pretty cool to my fingeres. In fact it should give scald on my fingers. There is no problem for seamless working as well. Almost all such soft wares I used (like speccy for example) give the same result. Is it the softwares that are at fault or os it that there are no temperature sensors on the disk?
Please advise
Dr. K. A. Rasheed
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  1. I trust smartmontools before any other SMART tool.

    That said, it does appear that your SSD may not have a temperature sensor. A value of 128 (= 0x80) is commonly returned by the drive in such cases.
  2. Thank you very much. This is answer I got most numbers of friends online. I think I should be satisfied with this
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