PS3 Component AV Cable versus HDMI cable in HDTV

Guys which cable has the best graphics display for PS3 in an HDTV, a Component AV Cable (5 to 6 cables YPBPR) or an HDMI cable?

A store owner told me that the Component AV Cable shows great enhancement on color while the HDMI shows great enhancement on brightness. What's your opinion in it?
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  1. HDMI. For one, you can get 1080p with HDMI, and you can't with component.
  2. I have a 6-cable YPBPR Component cable and got 1080p.
  3. If you have HDMI available on your HDTV use it. You have video and audio in one connection. You won't notice much difference on the quality of the video.

    I'm not sure if PS3 will play Blue Ray at 1080P if the link use is Analog (Component).

    HDCP compliant HDTV require the use of HDMI. I play Blue Ray on my PS3 and i use HDMI.
  4. My HDTV has both HDMI and 5-cable analog connection. My PS3 also has both.
  5. If HDMI is available use it. Thats the cleanest setup today. You have Audio/Video in one cable. HDMI enable you to have a HDCP compliant setup to play COPYRIGHT protected materials such as Blue Ray.

    MY PS3 also came with Component video cable set. It still in the box.
  6. My Blue ray works even with 5-Cable AV Component cable.
  7. Blue ray play at DVD resolution when using Analog / Component not 1080P
  8. Sniper Wolf said:
    I have a 6-cable YPBPR Component cable and got 1080p.

    Actually you had 1080i but in reality there is no difference visually.
  9. I can see my HDTV changing resolutions because it displays it at the upper right corner.
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    Component - 1080i maximum - at best stereo sound through the TV
    HDMI - 1080P maximum, and also enables 5.1 Surround Sound Passthrough on the TV - if the TV supports Dolby Digital and the like, these signals can be passed through to its Optical Out to go into a Home Cinema System.

    HDMI is a neater setup, especially if you need 5.1 Surround Sound formats to passthrough to an AV receiver and stuff.
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