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As of right now i am running a 9600 GT overclocked edition from BFG tech. I want to upgrade to something ATI (although i hear a lot of bad about there drivers) the performance per dollar is what i am interested in. I am looking into either a 5770 or 5850, but first i want to be sure my system will not "bottleneck" with performance. As it stands here are my specs.

AMD athlon IIx2 235e @ 2.70 GHz
6.0 GB ram, DDR2 @ 800 MHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

From what i have read on my own about bottle necking you have to run programs that you would normally play in order to find out which item is causing the issue, the cpu or gpu, not sur eif there is a way to tell otherwise but, any help would be amazing. I don't want to waste the money on a 5850 if i can not handle the performance and would be better off with a 5770.

The games i play include:

World of warcraft average 80 fps (except for high traffic areas, 10-25 fps is average there) 1440x900
CoD MW2- 45-80 fps, not sure how accurate Xfire is on that reading, no console in game to tell. 1440x900
BF BC2- Average of 45 fps, terrible i know, haha. 1440x900

Plan on owning the medal of honor and such, trying to get the best possible upgrade for the money. Price range is around those two cards.

Any help would be great, Thanks! :D
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  1. Don't know about the 5850 but the Athlon will definitely not bottleneck the 5770
  2. well if your monitors native res is 1440*900, the 5770 would be a better choice.
  3. My max resolution is 144x900. So even though the 5850 has better specs for performance the 5770 is a better choice?
  4. the 5850 will be faster, no doubt, but if you get like 200fps instead of 130 on a screen that can only show 60 (like normal 60Hz LCD), what's the point??

    If you were to upgrade your monitor as well, maybe some 24'' with 1920*1080/1200 or something like that, then the 5850 would make more sense, since you could actually see a difference between the cards performance as the 5770 would start to run out juice.

    yeah i made those numbers up, but you get the idea...
  5. haha, yeah man i get what you're saying. So the 5770 it is, thanks a ton for the help! Ordering one later today. Any thoughts on the company i should go with, looking towards XFX but there drivers are glitchy from what i understand.
  6. the drivers will be the same for all vendors, the official AMD ones :P so that doesn't matter...
    choose the one that has best warranty, custom cooling or price. Which ever you prefer. Factory overclocks are pretty meaningless, you can easily achieve those on pretty much any card anyways.
  7. Thank you for all the help, been to a few of these forum sights and no one has really helped until now, thanks a ton!
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