Is the iGPU on the Z68 the ultimate solution

Hello everyone,

I usually leave my PC turned on overnight to download torrents while I go to bed. I really need to save on electricity during this period of inactivity. So is using the iGPU mode on the Z68 the ultimate solution for my situation? I've read from other reviews that though "The dGPU doesn't completely turn off when it's not in use in this situation, however it will be in its lowest possible idle state."

Please advise. Many thanks in advance.
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  1. There are far better solutions for a torrent server, I use a atom powered netbook as my torrent server, switched on 24/7.

    Measures around 18w when working hard, less most of the time, it also acts as a media server through Opera Unite, as well as a Print Server and USB Device server.

    I got it for free, the screen is broken, I have removed the screen completely, its just the base, I access it via VNC from my Main PC when I need to, all drives and printers are mapped already on PC's and Laptops across house.

    It runs Linux Mint, so very very easy to set up. 1.6Ghz single core. 1GB ram, 250GB Hdd (upgraded the 80Gb one in it) 1TB External USB HDD Permanently attached (it spins down correctly after 30Mins non use)

    Just like this, minus the screen, its compact and honestly uses so little power I do not care if its left on!
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    Think about it, the GPU will be at idle which most of the time thats how it is unless your playing video games or watching movies or something like that. Dowloading stuff is not demanding at all so your GPU will be at idle too if using anyother board. Which means it makes absolutelly no difference. A Z68 chipset strengh is not the ability of switching GPU source, but other things. Read this.
  3. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. I would be more concerned about cpu power draw than gpu power draw when downloading. A low power cpu is the best way to save power.

    i3-2100T is great at only 35w max, less at idle.
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