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I am in a bit of a pickle.

This is my first ever build, and to be safe, I have chosen to get an anti-static wrist strap. However, I am unsure what I should connect the other end to. I have heard many complicated and contradicting answers, e.g. regarding cases.

I am building my PC on a wooden floor, and I do not believe the case is grounded.

Can somebody tell me what to connect the end of the anti static wrist strap to?

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  1. to metal part of the case or just wear a glove
  2. Or just return it? Biggest waste of money ever.

    Just touch any metal like the case, to ground yourself before working. Just don't do something dumb like build your PC on thick carpet.
  3. +1 hust hold a piece of metal in your hands
  4. Someone suggested gloves, and I have seen a few youtube videos using gloves. So what kind of gloves should one use? Sorry for my stupid question, and thanks for your kind answers.
  5. said by ohiou_grad_06 at 01-15-2008 at 06:49:55 PM
    You should not be at too much risk, personally, I have never used an antistatic wrist strap or gloves while building my own pc's. Had very few problems. Mainly, do it preferably not on carpet, but if you, you'll be ok I think, just your main thing is to make sure you touch an unpainted part of the case, which will give you some ground, and keep touching that from time to time, and don't move/shuffle around. But that said, the gloves I don't think would be necessary, but a wrist strap would not be a bad idea. I recently got a tech job, and you'd be suprised how much damage ESD can really cause.
    said by me now(lol): and also be sure not touch any of the black chips on any board.

    also any plastic gloves like the one your mom/wife wears them when washing dishes or the ones used by doctors in a surgery (i have a box of those)
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