2x2gb kit 1600mhz doesnt work in 1333/1066 ddr3 slots

Hello, i have mobo p8h61-m where are 1333/1066 DDR3 slots and i have 2 RAMs Kingston Hyper 1600Mhz CL9.

When i put there both RAMs and try to turn on PC, fans are working but PC will not boot (desktop is dark).

Its working just with 1 RAM in slot A.

Is there any solution pls ?

Thnx in advance
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  1. Have you tried both sticks in slot a? To make sure both ram sticks are good.

    If both work then try with only 1 stick in slot b? To make sure the mobo is good.

    If all that works then I'm assuming you have the 1.65v version and that could be the issue.
  2. Both RAMs are working well, i have installed W7 with one RAM then i`ve put there second RAM and it works atm..

    They work on 1333Mhz but it has same CL9 timing, and yes they should be 1.65v but they work with 1.5v.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Question: can i leave it like this, or i can change timings on better or i should change voltage?

    Thnx in advance, im real newby in this case
  3. You can't change ram settings on h67/h61. It'll work fine as is.
  4. You said "Kingston Hyper 1600Mhz CL9. " But your screen shot shows DDR3-1333 (under SPD which what is stored in the memory modules) which is what you are running At, So should be fine.

    Either you mistyped, or the memory was mismarked.
  5. I don't think it's a mistype, h61/67 defaults to 1333 at 1.5v. Which sounds right about a downclocked 1600 1.65v cl9.
  6. Would aggree, except Cpu-z should still show what is stored on memory module even if cannot be used - could be wrong.
  7. It`s not a mistype, i`ve written it correctly , Cpu-z shows actual used frequency .
    I thought that it will be down clocked automaticly , PC is running just gr8.

    thnx for advices
  8. The latest version of CPU-Z shows the current frequency on Memory Page, and "Factory settings" on the SPD page for me.
  9. ^ that's why I asked the question. In His post he said "i have 2 RAMs Kingston Hyper 1600Mhz CL9", but CPU-z shows 685 for JEDEC4 (=DDR3-1370)
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