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I'm in the process of building a high-end workstation, but ECC memory is new to me, so it's hard to choose the right one (also the lack of benchmarks regarding the ECC memory).

This is what my system should look like:
SDD: 2 x Vertex 3 240GB (mirroring in RAID 1)
Motherboard: Asus P6X58-E WS

Now I need 12GB of ECC memory, but I have no idea what to choose ... ?


P.s.: I prefer opening a memory-specific thread as I don't have much idea for what to look in ECC memory. Which is the fastest? Most reliable? Best overall?
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  1. I would go for corsair or kingston 1333 or 1600 ecc, but to be safe, email asus tech support, as their website has no ram recommendations. Most xeon boards don't require registered ram, just ecc. Ecc unregistered ram will work on both server and desktop boards.
  2. Yeah, no recommendations on their site, probably because the board is kinda new.
    I searched for Asus tech support email, but couldn't find it. There's a form which requires product S/Ns and similar, but is there a direct email?

    As for ECC, I saw that even ECC itself comes in "buffered"/"unbuffered", "registered"/"unregistered" types ... What are the differences and what should I use?
  3. Unbuffered, unregistered will work in more boards, but asus tech support should respond to your email request. I would check their response before ordering.
  4. Yeah I would definitely send them an email and ask what ECC memory they recommend. ECC can be really frustrating and some brands are just straight out not compatible and then you end up wasting time and money RMAing it.
  5. I would recommend reading sections 2.4.2 and particularly 2.4.4 of the manual. This isn't a server motherboard that uses registered memory; therefore it has memory limitations that are clearly explained in the manual.
  6. Damn, didn't know that's already in the manual! Thanks!
    Looking at the lists, there's no 12GB (3x4) kits mentioned. However, I looked at Kingston's site, for all similar (but a bit older) Asus WS boards (the one I'm thinking of buying is not yet there).

    Anyways, there's a KVR1333D3E9S/4GHB that's "Guaranteed Compatible" (however, it is a KINGSTON site, so ... ;)).
    And then under additional memory, there's KVR1333D3E9SK3/12G, which I assume should be the same thing, just a 3x kit.

    Does that mean it should be compatible? Since this new board should only be an upgrade to those older WS board.

    P.s.: GhislainG, should I look into buying a strict server motherboard?
  7. Oh and I finally found emails of Asus via their online stores/shops (US and UK). Am about to send them both an email, hopefully they'll provide good answers, recommendations.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to directly email Asus support without already owning a product (and thus having S/Ns and such).
  8. You could wait for Asus to answer, but you shouldn't be that worried to install a 3x4GB kit because Asus already support 12GB when using 6 modules (refer to the QVL).

    Since a site already tested that motherboard with 24GB of Kingston ECC DDR3 memory, then it should also work for you if you get the same modules.

    Server motherboards that use registered RAM usually support 2 CPUs and they are quite large. They also rarely provide several PCIe x16 slots.
  9. Yeah, I saw that on the link you posted the other day!
    Thanks, you've been very helpful!

    Will write what Asus says about it ... hopefully it's soon.
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