This is my first time building a computer so I wanted to make sure.

I got a i5-760 and it comes with a fan in the box.

Should I use that or should I get a better fan?

Im planning on msi p55a g55 for the board
2 GTX 460s sli
4g 1600mhz mem.
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  1. I think its up to you really. There are some cheap but good cpu heatsinks, but the one it comes with will work too.
    I guess it depends on what you want to do with the comp. For example, plan on overclocking?
  2. In my opinion, there are only two reasons to not use the stock HSF:

    1. You overclock.

    2. You wish to have a quieter CPU fan.
  3. If your not OCing try the stock HSF. If you find it loud then get a new one.
  4. +1 for the last 2 posts. Very reasonable advices :)
  5. since you have two GTX 460, I'll take the giant leap and assume you will be gaming.

    the stock HSF tend to get rather loud, rather fast during gaming. I would go with an after market HSF, your ears will appreciate it. Microcenter has the CM 212+ for $24.
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