Game pc max 1200 USD

Hi, im looking to put a new gaming pc together.
Its going to be used mainly for gaming, I have some expierience with building my own system (built 2 which both survived 3 years) but i want your opinions.
I live in europe and my budget is 900.00 EUR = 1,161.86 USD (can be a little more or less).
I prefer building the pc myself but if you find a pre bould that is cheap even when adding the shipment costs, feel free to suggest it.
I checked out newegg but they currently don't ship internationally so thats not really and option (sadly because exange rates are working in my favour :p and all the parts get imported here which also makes the prices higher)
, so please remember that the components will cost a little more for me.
Intel fan but if you think amd would be better than also ok.
This is what I put together myself:

Cpu: i5 750 (190 euro = 245 USD)
Gpu:HIS HD5850 Turbo 1GB or the club3d one -> same price, don't which is better (cooling) (257 euro = 331 USD)
mobo: ASRock P55 Deluxe ( 114 euro = 147 USD)
Case: Haf 932 ( 126 euro = 162 USD) (This case is preferred, but if you really want, you can advise another case)
PSU: CoolerMaster GX 750W (possible future xfire) ( 77 euro = 99 USD)
Hard drive: Samsung 1TB (59 euro = 76 USD)
RAM: Kingston 4GB(2 x 2GB), 1333MHz, DDR3, Non-ECC, CL9, ( 87 euro = 112 USD)
dvd drive: LG GH22NP (15 euro = 19 USD) (already have burner on my laptop)

925 Euro total = 1192 USD -> this is the max I want to spend.

I looked also into an i7 build with socket 1356 mobo but then I only had enough money for hd 5770 gpu and dual channel memory, so not really ideal.
PS: I might get crossfire later. And also have a 250gb harddrive here somewhere which i might throw in it in RAID.

So what do you guys think?
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  1. let's see
    1st change from the turbo 5850 to a regular one (sapphire is recommended)
    2nd change mobo to asus p7p55d-e pro
    3rd change from the haf 932 to 922 (basiclly same cooling and almost the same size)
    4th change psu to a corsair 750 tx or to an xfx 650 (both can cf)
    5th change the ram to g.skill eco 4gb 1600 cl7 @1.35v

    if all this is overbudget change to an amd build(which is more future proof bec. lga1156 is going to be replaced by lga1155 in q1 2011)

    if u do change to amd i would recommend getting either the gigabyte 890xa ud3 or the asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3 and get the phenom ii x4 955
  2. ok so im going with an amd build now (1055t)
    Neither of the two boards you mentioned support 16x/16x for crossfire, anybody who knows a cheap board that does?
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