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I am sorry I am totally green when it comes to building computer's, I know how to assemble them but I don't know what parts would be best for what I am in the market for.

Pretty much all I want the computer for is Gaming, And I don't know what components are overkill so I don't have a set price, I am looking for a Good gaming PC that will run newer games well, I am going to learn how to Overclock once I get the computer. I also would like 3D, I am pretty much building this around being able to play Mafia 2 in 3D with 3 monitors, Unless thats way overkill.
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  1. Hey i can help you out havent "built" a gaming pc before but from mine and when i built my cousins i have a little experience. First of all you wan like th stuff the display in all the nvidia 3D feature shows well thats sick I wouldn't reccomend it because of the pricing just for 3D. but youll need a GPU have you selected one yet? I can help you from there since im not Well experienced with nvidia except the one where all the pixels died on the screen making it crap. LOL i suggest the best 480GTX since you want 3 monitors im guessing you have a high budget so you can EASILY fit the 480GTX.
  2. First of all you need the 3!! monitors so i recommend acer from experience.
    Try this first
    That'll give you 1 screen and glasses.MAKE THE SCREENS MATCH BUY
    GET The same acer monitors Acer GD245HQ
    Thats the straight 1 screen plus 3D Kit 628$
    This is the closest to that screen

    Then you GPU
    I trust gigabyte asus and EVGA (i like their newsletter!)
    So the gigabyte one is a reasonable price and looks AWESOME!

    That settles monitor and screeens subtotal: $1406!

    Acer G245Hbmid Olympic Edition 24" Widescreen LCD Display
    Acer G245Hbmid Olympic Edition 24" Widescreen LCD Display
    Acer G245Hbmid Olympic Edition 24" Widescreen LCD Display
    GIGABYTE nVidia GeForce GTX480 1536 MB DDR5 2DVI/Mini HDMI PCI-Express Video Card GV-N480D5-15I-B
    nVidia GeForce Wireless 3D Stereo Glasses Kit with Emitter
  3. You should have 3K to back this one up bro otherwise you'll be looking at crap!
  4. Hi,

    Ive built a number of them the past years and can give you a few pointers..

    But first up; Do you have unlimeted funds or..? I guess no, and like someone before me said: you need about 3K for a rig like this. No joke. So keep that in mind.

    First thing to do is to choose a big ass chassi. You can never have to much space when building our own rig.
    Second of all, choose a motherboard with high quality and with support for at least 32 gb DDR3, 3xSLI/crossfire, and four core procsessor. If you dont have the needs today, you will tomorrow, belive me.
    Third, the processor. Same here, aim high and it will last longer. I like the Intel i5 and i7 quad cores myself.
    Fourth, graphics. If you wanna play 3D you dont have much choice. Its Nvidia. Which ever you buy, it will be good enough for about a year or two, and then you will probably feel like replacing. A word of warning though. Try to find a card manufactured by the same company as the motherboard. That means they are more likely to run smoother together.
    Fifth, HD. Go for a 10 000rpm for OS and games (120-240 gb is more than enough), and then one or two 1tb 7200 rpm for documents, pictures, porn etc.
    Last, power. DO NOT BE CHEAP. Go for a 1000 or 1200watt power supply. To little power may damage the hw.

    Start with that, and then spend a couple of hundred lonely night on the web turning every little detail inside out on finding out if the heat sinker should be made of copper or steel. If you should use rubber screws or just rubber fittings... You get the picture.. :)

    A word of warning though. Powerful rigs tends to create a lot of noice do to all the fans needed. You CAN create a pretty much noice free rig, but its not easy. Make sure you can remove and replace the fans on the videocard, processor and chassi. Spend a couple of extra bucks on buying near noice free fans from Noctua, Zalman or Corshair and replace the originals. I have tried water cooling once, and it works, but you cant have it completely fan free. Plus all the hoses are a pain in the ass to get right and takes up A LOT of space.

    I hope this helps and good luck
  5. for 3d and nvidia sorround u will need 2 gtx480 + 3 3d monitors + nvidia vision kiT.. so thats very expensive.... and let us know ur budget range, i dont think u would like to buy a $15000 pc with doble xenon and 4 way sli witha dedicated card for pyisics 2 psu and all watercooled... so tell us what are your ranges...
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