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I just built a new computer and everything seemed fine. all was working well until I installed the last piece, which was just hooking up a new dvd player. even then, the computer booted up and worked fine. it wasn't until i put on the case covering that the computer shut down and had the "cpu over temperature" error. i have good working fans everywhere. the odd thing is that even when i remove the side panel and lay the computer back down, everything works normal. it's only when i stand the computer upright that it has the overheat error. how is it over heating when i stand it up? any help or explanations would be great! thanks.

i7 930
asus sabertooth x58 mobo
6 gb ram
msi 460gtx
corsair 950w psu
(everything is set to default in bios)
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  1. Heat sink not locked tightly on socket ??
  2. how can it not be though? the i7 just clicks into the slot and it physically can't be put in wrong because of the grooves. i guess i somehow messed it up haha. ill give it a try thanks.
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