Please help with CPU overheating

Hey everyone,

I am hoping some experts will give me some guidance on how to address overheating issue.

My systems shuts down all of a sudden (like plug was pulled out) without a warnining. I have downloaded PC wizard to check temperature. CPY temp idle is around 80c !! Under load it reaches 90 and that is when it shuts down.

I am not sure why it is that hot since all fans seem to be working and it was working ok up till a week ago.

My system:
CPU: Q6600 (not overclocked)
OS: Win XP Pro 32bit / SP3
MB: Asus Rampage Formula
Graphic Card: ATI 4800
Memory: 4 Gig DDR2

Any help with this is HIGHLY appreciated as I use my PC for work.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1. Which PSU? Brand and rating please.

    2. How old is the PC?
  2. Any chance you've moved the PC recently? Sometimes moving it can force a CPU cooler to come loose. With the system powered down, see if you can wiggle it. Do so gently though. If it's loose, you should be able to tell with little pressure applied. While you're checking it, see how dusty it is.

    Have you checked temps with the case open, or only while closed? And if open, any chance you can aim a small house fan at it and see if temps change and by how much? If they drop, you have a ventilation issue - the case simply isn't getting enough airflow. Check for dust again, this time on the intake fan(s) and/or along the air intake vents.

    If you find a lot of dust, a can or two of compressed air and a soft-bristled brush can go a long way. Just be sure to clean the case outside.
  3. Thanks for the response guys.

    The Power Supply is 750w by Antec.
    The temp is with case open. (case Cosmos)

    There was little dust which I have cleaned.

    The PC has not been moved in 3 month.

    The PC is custom built approx a year ago.

    Again, your help is appreciated.
  4. check your voltages in the BIOS, see if it's had a moment.
  5. Maybe the thermal compound has dried up. You can buy a new one and put it on and see if that reduces temperatures or not. But first do check your volts.
  6. try to move the CPU fan/heatsink with your hand, if it moves a bit that means it might have been unhooked or something and you need to screw the 4 plastic screws around the heatsink until it stops moving.
    if it isnt moving in the first place try what the other people said ^^
  7. The push pins on the heatsink can slowly "CRAWL" or migrate out of place. This happens with hot/cold cycles.
    Best to remove heatsink ,clean with alcohol and replace with new thermal paste.
  8. I agree with Rick.... you should reset the heat sink with new thermal.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses. After extra cleaning of fan on heatsink the temp dropped from 80c idle to 50ishc idle. 50s is still high for idle??

    Heatsink is stock. Would you recommend changing it or live with 50s idle and upper 60-70 under load?
  10. It's still a bit on the warm side, but acceptable. I'm curious if those temps are with the case still wide-open, or closed, as the final evaluation should be made while the PC is in it's preferred position, whether closed or open-case. If the temps go back up, you may want to consider completely removing and separating the heatsink/fan, cleaning them, and reinstalling with new thermal paste, as has been suggested. If that still doesn't bring the temps down enough, you might want to consider more efficient aftermarket cooling solutions and/or increasing the total airflow of the entire case.
  11. Thanks for your response. The temps are with case closed. I am just wondering if having 60-70c under load temp could damage CPU?

    I have increased fan speed via BIOS to 90%. I trust that has no negative effect?

    Thanks for the advice given.
  12. You say your using the stock cooler, i would most definitely get a new cooler, doesn't have to cost the earth but for me 50c on load is very high seeing as that cpu can overclock to 4ghz on air.

    Are you getting a good connection when you reseat the cpu cooler? what method are u using to apply the thermal paste, what paste are u using?

    Is the cpu fan set to low?

    Try downloading cpuid hardware monitor as u can change fan's connected to the board AND the cpu coolers fan speeds from there. (oh and u can see your voltages too)

    Good luck.

    PS: I don't think it will damage the cpu as intel's do tend to run quite hot, but i would still aim for a much cooler temp.
  13. CPU fan set to high (90%)
    I have not applied any thermal since building PC (a year ago) I have ordered Arctic Silver5. I figured I will start by applying a fresh coast of paste and see if temps go down. 50 on idle is a bit high judgying from others cpu temps. The comp does shut off if I am rendering HD video or playing an intense game.

    If thermal paste is not enough, could you guys recommend a CPU cooling fan that is reasonablly priced and more imporrtantly "NooB friendly" (ie. easy install)

    Thanks for everyone helpful input.
  14. The Hyper 212 Plus cooler is popular, and works very well.

    If a tower design isn't what you want, consider the Shuriken Rev B.

    When the AS-5 arrives, be sure to head here and read up on how to apply it properly.
  15. Thanks for your reply.

    I was looking at this cooler:

    Will it be good enough? I am not familiar with "stock" .. is Socket 775 the right one for Q6600? Any clarification is appreciated.

  16. 775 is the correct socket. I have never much cared for the Freezer 7 Pro cooler. Many people swear by them, though...

    Since you're in the UK, what's available to you is going to be a bit different than what's available to me in the US. Of course, prices will be a bit different, too.

    I went to to see what they had and found several coolers. Here's a couple good ones.
    The Xigmatek HDT-S963 and HDT-S1283 coolers, while older designs, work quite well. also had some coolers, including the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus.

    I went to and I also found the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus, but it's cheaper at Novatech.

    These are just some options and alternative places to shop.
  17. I really appreciate your detailed response and I will order one of those coolers.

    Going back to the heat issue, I have noticed in PCwizard that the processor voltage is 1.29 volts. Is this too high? Could it be the cause of the high temp?? I have 4 fans inside the case so the high temps at idle seem very odd ..

    Thanks again for all the help.
  18. That voltage is right in the middle of it's spec range, which is between 0.85 and 1.5 volts. It's fine.

    Is there any chance Intel SpeedStep isn't enabled within the BIOS? SpeedStep is a clock and voltage management function that basically slows down the CPU speed and reduces voltage while the CPU is idle in order to save power. It also keeps it cooler while idle.

    Regarding your cooler purchase, there's no need to rush into that based on one person's opinion. Especially someone who doesn't live in the same country and has no experience buying from those merchants :)

    About the system fans. Would I be correct in guessing 2 are intake and 2 are exhaust, and that they're all identical? If this is true, then you may actually want to change it to 3 intake and 1 exhaust. With the PSU and possibly the video card also venting exhaust air, a 2 intake / 2 exhaust config actually means the system has negative internal pressure, trying to vent more air than it's taking in, so it's sucking in extra air through cracks and vents. But a 3 intake / 1 exhaust would change it to equal or positive pressure, meaning it's pushing air out through vents and cracks, which is a the better path. Especially if the intake fans have dust filters. That way no dust sneaks in through the cracks and vents. Basically, it keeps the internals cooler and cleaner.
  19. MrFilmMaker said:
    Thanks for your reply.

    I was looking at this cooler:

    Will it be good enough? I am not familiar with "stock" .. is Socket 775 the right one for Q6600? Any clarification is appreciated.


    Ello m8,

    I've got a freezer pro and i'm ok with it but i still want more cooling so i'm kind of in the market for one too, i've been looking at this one which is water cooled but no maintenance

    Other than that i've heard good things about the freezer 7 but i would prefer something with a bit more performance seeing as i overclock and plan to overclock some more.

    This one is another one i've had my eye on and won't break the bank either, it's a bit big tho so check your space inside your case first

    This is the first review i came across for this cooler

    Think i'm sold to be honest lol.
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