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Alright here is my situation and current setup. I currently have (2) 2TB WD Black Drives in a RAID 1 setup for all of my computer storage. These drives are used for storage/games, since my primary SSD is only 60GB and as you all know does not hold much more than the OS and a few apps. Since these drives were not just used primarily for storage, I wanted the 7200RPM for the increased performance. I also have a 1TB Black drive (it was an unused older drive) that runs a weekly backup on my RAID drives... yes I am a bit cautious when it comes to my data.

Now I am running out of space quickly - I am looking at current options, with obviously a limited amount of cost in mind. Since I have already purchased these drives and to limit cost I see these options as possibilities.

- Drop the RAID configuration, and gain an additional 2TB Space (will keep me for short term and cheapest option)
- Purchase a 256GB SSD, and then purchase a few extra WD 3TB Greens for my storage, since I don't need the 7200RPM anymore (Obviously most expensive option)
- Keep my current setup as is, and build a separate storage box with some new HD's (expensive again, but a fun project. I have no experience with this type of thing though)

I am tempted to do option (2) because it gives me more of a long-term solution... but since I already own the blacks this seems a bit foolish. Option 1 seems like a very quick option for the short term.

My main concern right now is losing the data when I drop the drives out of RAID. As I haven't done this before, will it lost any data or will it create (2) separate partitions on each hard-drive? I can't lose any data, because I hold a lot of work related information. I also would have trouble (if it will wipe the data out when I drop the RAID) to back this up onto anything else since I have about 1.9TB of data.

Anyway, just looking for options/opinions on the matter. If I haven't been detailed enough or if you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hmm... TL : DR Version.

    Will dropping (2) HD's currently in RAID 1 out of RAID, lose my data? Or will it simply create the same data on both drives.
  2. RAID 1 is a mirror copy. The RAID controller copies bit by bit the data that goes to one HDD to the other. Dropping RAID should NOT lose any data whatsoever. But if one disk happens to lose integrity when dropping the RAID config for some weird reason, you have a mirror copy of it...

    Also, I have no idea what you are talking about with the 1TB 7200RMP drive.
    Is it only backing up select folders from the RAID 1 array?

    I had the same issue w/ the 60GB SSD. I cloned it to a new 120GB for more space.

    Not sure on what you wana do about expanding storage, but maybe you should look into a NAS? Or just set yourself up a RAID 5 array. (minimum of 4 HDD's required and if 1 drive fails, just plug in a new one and the parity information stored on the other drives builds the new HDD to the exact state the dead one was.)
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to know I won't lose my data when dropping the RAID.

    Sorry to clarify on a few items that were confusing.
    - The 1TB Drive is backing up everything on my main SSD, and a few important folders on my storage RAID that I am paranoid about losing.

    Yeah I was thinking about doing a RAID 5, but I don't like the idea of using WD Blacks / Greens in the same array. Honestly there is little point in buying WD Blacks unless I need to. I was thinking about a NAS but I have no knowledge or experience with them... something to look into for sure.
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