GA-P55-UD4P Rev1.0 Boot / Sleep probem

Hi all,

I've been having a few annoying issues with my desktop for a while now, but the recent appearance of a few more have me worried enough to finally ask for help.

A bit of background info: I built this computer myself a little over a year back, had no problems getting it up and running and didn't encounter any trouble for quite a while. Then a few months ago I began to see "Disk boot failure" messages on start up. After hitting reset, the computer would boot fine, though it seemed to sit at the "loading operating system" line for longer than I remember.

I left this alone for a while, as it didn't seem to be getting worse. However recently I changed apartments for a work term, and no longer had access to wireless internet. I purchased a wireless adapter (linksys AE1000) and when I went to install it... things got worse.

Windows couldn't install the driver, but would not abandon the process attempting the install. After manually shutting down the process and shutting down the computer, windows couldn't complete its shutdown. This was enough to convince me I couldn't keep ignoring the problem, and I went ahead with a clean re-install of windows. Re-trying the driver install, the same thing happened. I figured something in the BIOS USB controller was not behaving, so I did a Q-Flash to the latest version, and did another clean windows install.

I could now install the adapter (Im posting from the desktop in question), but the disk boot failure error persists. On top of that, my computer will not wake up from sleep mode now. My keyboard is still getting power from the PC, I see the numlock light turn on when I press a key, but the machine won't wake up. It also seems to be entering sleep mode on the windows timeout, regardless of what is running in the background. I remember the machine not entering sleep mode unless it was idle, but in the middle of an extended hard drive scan it decided to take a nap on me.

I think something is not right in the BIOS. I'm running the F10 version, with default settings (haven't touched them). But I have no idea what... it works... the machine boots fine every second try, but the odd number tries are all "DISK BOOT FAILURE: INSERT SYSTEM DISK" :( I'm not sure if the failure to wake up from sleep mode is related, but have a sneaking suspicion it is.

If anyone happens to have an idea how to fix these issues, I am open to suggestions!

Thank You in advance

System specs:

Motherboard: GA-P55-UD4P Rev1.0
BIOS version: F10
Memory: (x4)
DRAM Frequency 666.2 MHz
Memory Timings 9-9-9-24 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)
Manufacturer G.Skill
Part Number F3-12800CL7-2GBRM
Capacity 2048 MBytes
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz
HDD: Western Digital Model WDC WD7501AALS-00E8B0
GFX: Radeon HD 5850
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  1. Think I got it. Just took a quick look in the case... Turns out I was a bit retarded when I first hooked the HDD up. had it in the GSATA port instead of the Intel controlled set, also BIOS memory settings were completely wrong. Fixed the voltages and timings and seems to be working fine now. No Disk boot failures or wake up failures in the last 5 tries.

    If anyone happens to know why the Gigabyte SATA controller failed its job so hard, would still love to know! But think this is solved.
  2. My experience is that problems always seem to pop up when you switch the OS boot drive ports. Especially if switched to another controller.
  3. ther r two GSATA ports and both having the same problem?
    don't know why this could cause network problem but if you can check with other hdd in Gsata port ~
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