1st disk inserted is only disk recognized

If I insert a CD/DVD/BD into my drive, it is duly recognized by Windows XP and the name of the disk appears next to the drive letter n the "my computer" display. However, when I eject it and insert a new disk it continues to display the first disk.

Even worse, if I insert a new disk with a game I wish to play after having originally inserting a different one. The game will never recognize the new disk as the correct one. I have even browsed the CD/DVD/BD disk and started the game FROM the disk itself and when it does the check to see if the disk is inserted, it will prompt me to insert the correct disk!!!!

This is VERY maddening and generally requires a reboot to get the disk recognized.

Any ideas???

I'm using windows XP

and please don't suggest I purchase a later edition of windows unless you are willing to subsidize the purchase!!! :fou:
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  1. Windows is failing to refresh the optical drive's contents, a common problem.
    Quick workaround:

    1. Eject the disc but leave it in the drawer.
    2. Press F5 to refresh Windows Explorer.
    3. Close the CD drawer.
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