Sabertooth x58 with Corsair ddr3

Hey guys, im kinda new to building. I built a new computer about 3 months ago, and im not quite sure how to get my RAM to run at 1600. I have the Sabertooth X58 1366. Also, i have Corsair DDR3 1600mhz Triple Channel Memory. For some reason my Motherboard is running my RAM at 1066. I know i can set the X.M.P setting and it will auto set it to 1600. When i do that it sets the DRAM Voltage to 1.4v. Is that okay? Its advertised to run it at 1.65v. Can i just set the X.M.P and let it run at 1600 at 1.4v and be okay?
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  1. No problem. Some ram will run at the lower voltage just fine. Let the board choose if that is the only way to get the ram to 1600.
  2. If it is stable at 1.4v, it's fine as noted. But, I don't think it will be. You may have to manually set the voltage and timings if your board is not interpreting the XMP data correctly. XMP vs manual, there is no difference in performance so either is fine.
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