Mobility 5650 vs Mobility 4570

Hello, I am once again asking about laptop specs, but this time it is only about the graphics card. There are 2 two laptops I want, both of which are customizable, and give me a choice between the 5740 and 5650. The problem is, the 5650 is 100$ more than the other card, and I have been seeing videos with the 5470 playing newer games with all high settings. I want to know if the 100% is worth it, or if I should upgrade something else on the laptop (such as RAM). Any and all responses will be taken into consideration.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    I don't know where you have seen a 5470 maxing all games,because its a low-end card for gaming.(Maybe the videos you saw were tested in a low resolution)
    As you can see,it doesn't perform very well.
    5650M is a mid-range card,therefor it can handle games fine on medium settings(or some on high if you lower the resolution)and its completely worth the extra $100,because its significantly faster
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