Replaced old cpu with new amd quad mother board games lag h

Had an AMD 5400+ and an MSI mobo...replaced both...AMD Phenom II x4 945 and new MSI mobo 790XT-G45...Now when playing games they are lagging horribly...updated bios...not really sure where to do...OS is windows 7 64...I've run 3dmark06 the graphics benchmarking is great but the cpu is horrible running at 2-3 FPS
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  1. Does the CPU go to full speed under load?
  2. when i run novabench i see only 49% of cpu being used in task there some other way to see if all four cores are being used...ram is 4gb is ati 5770
  3. Sounds like it might be a driver issue. First open you Add/Remove Programs and delete CCC and anything else ATI related. Then download Ccleaner and Driver Sweeper. First run Driver Sweeper to delete EVERY display driver. ATI as well as the onboard drivers, and also depending on your sound output, delete any uneeded sound drivers (I'll assume you're running of the mobo sound so you probably won't need to delete any). Then run Ccleaner and do a registry sweep. Then reboot and reinstall Catalyst.
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