Latex and Gaming Mice

Hey guys,

Hopefully I've got this question in the right section of the forums.

I am looking for a new gaming mouse - preferably wireless. I currently have a G5 which I love but I want to upgrade to wireless if possible. I used to be completely against wireless gaming mice - but I think the newer wireless technology has pretty much closed the gap for anybody but the most competitive gamer (which I am not).

I'm looking for a wireless gaming mouse and I've got my eye on the razer mamba - my problem is that I have a latex allergy and I spend way too much time with a mouse in my hand to have a mouse covered in latex or a rubber or latex product.

Anybody know what the material is that covers the top of the mamba? I've spoken to a couple salespeople at a few computer stores (totally unhelpful) and Razer has yet to get back to me.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You could always cover the surface in say nail polish or matt black spraypaint if it turned out you were allergic :)
  2. In case anybody else is interested or has the same problem I do I heard back from Razer:

    "The material on the mouse grips does not contain natural latex. However, we cannot say with 100% certainty that an individual would not be allergic to the other compounds that are used in the rubber coating."

    So no latex but I am pretty sure they got the legal department involved in answering this question :-P
  3. Good news for you at least man, Happy gaming :)
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