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I have an 80 GB H/D (my neighbors)

and they asked me to see if I could install a larger H/D. But the H/D they have has 3 partitions. No doubt the hidden partition to use in case you have to restore the unit. The 2nd partition is (C) that is partitioned to 14 GB...WOW is that small and jammed to the limit. The the 3rd partition is (D) the remainder of the 80 GB (I believe it is 50+ GB) with software on both C & D.
I think the best way is to combine C & D....through Computer management and disk management. But I don't remember if this can be done without sacrificing data. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I don't think Disk Management will allow you to grow the "C" drive into the "D" partition unless "D" is empty, or "D" partition has been deleted (the space used by "D" is free), which is not your case. You could always copy the root of "D" to another disk, delete the partition, then grow "C" into the un-partitioned space that used to be "D", then copy the backed up files onto the now-larger "C" drive. That should work unless there are some system type folders, such as My Documents, that have been pointed to "D".
  2. I understand what your saying. But it not being my computer and them being less than novices. I don't know what is in D to see what is operation and not just for holding information. The computer being 9 yr old, thus the 80 GB H/D Now why the manufactures would partition an 80 G H/D ... I'll never know. I'll get to my work bencha nd look closer in a few months when they don't use for a long time
  3. ALRIGHT, I got the machine and no doubt Sony does not support this machine any more. It is a MODEL PVC-1122. I wanted to get into the BIOS/SETUP and tried pushing the "delete" key upon starting up. I will try a few others. But I thought to ask anyone here in the forum if they might know.
  4. I am at the point where I used Copy Commander (which was always a very good program for me) and made a new H/D (120 GB) with the OEM H/D with the 2 partitions. They existing partitions where made larger to match the new H/D but ....still the C portion is still not anyway near where I would like it. And the D portion is way to large. NOW, is there a program that can real time size the partitions and not effect the operation of both partitions?
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    Got it all working and partitioned. Thanks to a FREE program I got online.
    EaseUS Partiton Master
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