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Hi guys,
like always I try to do my own research and I end up more confused. Here's the story; I got a good deal on these memory sticks to upgrade both my desktops I have at home. In total I got 6 1GB Kingston sticks for $150. My question is about my HP Media Center m1297c Desktop. I looked at the specifications and it says it can handle 4.0 GB (4 X 1 GB) of memory. I installed all for sticks and looked at My System Properties and this is where the questions began.

My System Properties shows only 3 GB of Ram??I started looking for more information and found out that Windows XP can only handle 3.3 GB for a 32 bit system which is apparently what I have (learned something new). I keep looking on the HP site and found out how to verify my memory and confirming the total memory installed with BIOS. The BIOS shows that I have all four Ram's installed. Why is my system properties only showing 3 GB should it not at least show 3.3 GB?? Help! These are my computers specifications:

and these are some HP links where I found some of my computers information:

This is the HP link that really confused me: Upgrading Memory Beyond Three Gigabytes (3GB) in Windows XP

What does this mean?: "Above 3 GB, all memory may not be available due to system resource requirements. The memory above 3 GB is used for PCI I/O and other system resources"???.

In the section on verifying how much memory is used by Windows #3 states: "The memory shown is the memory used by Windows. When 4GB of memory is installed, approximately 3.5 can be used by Windows".

I have 4 GB installed and I don't know why I am only showing 3 GB?? Should I at least be showing 3.3 GB because of the my Windows XP limitations or should I be showing 3.5 because that's what the link on verifying my memory states. I just want to know if I have done something wrong or is the 4th Ram stick at this moment just a space filler?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Leave your system the way it is. Windows will choose how much ram to allocate to the onboard video and all four spaces need to be filled for dual channel support, or two in the right slots will also run in dual channel. It's fine.
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