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My system caught the ati2dvag bug.Which i found was an issue with XP2 & ati cards.It rendered my h.d. bootless.I installed a new hard drive & upgaded my graphics card from a pci to a pcie.I set my bios to boot from the cd drive beforehand,So as to install windows xp to my new h.d.My motherboard never had an on board graphics.The problem is that i can't get a display from this new card with no driver installed & therefore i can't even begin the process of loading XP to my new hard drive.Any suggestions ?
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  1. What card did you get, what's your motherboard, and what power supply do you have?
  2. Mobo is asus m2v
    graphics ati 2600xt
    supply 485w enermax
    powers up o.k. fans running
  3. Resolved. When I put the old card back in, display was back up.The new card was supposed to work.After an investigation,found that the VIA chipset on the mobo had issues with graphic card upgrades.Lesson learned.I am building a new system and sticking with a mobo that has an AMD chipset.
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