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Realtek R1.50 sound driver

Can anybody tell me(or share) where can i Get Realtek R1.50 Sound driver for gigabyte mobo.
I Need it urgently.
Thanx for help
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  1. Hi kay50 and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The mobos comes with a CD where u can find all the drivers that u need.
    2- In the Gigabyte web page u can download the lasted Audio driver for the OS that u have.
  2. Yes, I got the CD, But My Purpose for asking this was Different. I have Creative 4.1 Speakers and the problem is sound doesnt come from rear speakers, but front speakers works perfectly. And more thing, when i test all the speakers in realtek sound maanger, They work pretty well but while playing in WMPlayer or gom player Rear speaker sound doesnt come.
    I searched this forum and found possible solution is Realtek R1.50 Audio driver!

    So can Anyone help me?
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    I had a similar problem with my gigabyte mobo and Labtec 5.1. I had to select the 7.1 configuration and all the speakers works now try using 5.1 or 7.1 configuration.
  4. I tried every possible combination i.e. changing jack and diffrent configuration but it wont work for me.
  5. I refer to change the configuration in the Realtake manager and not in the back audio panel.

    Connect the audio jacks to the correct as the mobo says and change the configuration (5.1) in the realtake manager.
  6. Still unable to solve! My OS is XP SP3 n mobo GA-785GMT-USB3 (Rev.1)
  7. Start again.

    Download the lasted driver from here uninstall the current driver and audio setup that u have reboot the rig.

    After that install the driver that u previously downloaded and configure it again.
  8. I did this already, I am using latest driver! someone told in the forum to use Old driver namely realtek R1.50, thats why i started this thread.
    Anyway Thanx a lot saint19 for your prompt reply.
  9. Finally Worked!!
    Thank You saint.
  10. Best answer selected by kay50.
  11. What solution works? Nice, enjoy it ;)
  12. reinstalling with the latest driver and making audio to 6CH
  13. ok, enjoy it ;)
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