Using Mobile CPU in a tower for efficiency

I'm looking at making a super efficient system that is strong enough to watch blu ray and handle basic computing. I was looking into making a highly power efficient system by using a mobile cpu in an atx mini tower because the power consumption is less than half of what a standard cpu would need. Is there a way to do this?
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  1. ive never heard of that even being an idea
  2. nor have i, it was just a thought
  3. still have to factor in desktop chipsets, memory, vrm, power supply, hdd, video etc to make it efficent
  4. indeed, however, i would have to use a laptop mobo in order to accommodate the cpu. the main advantage here is that most mobile cpus use less than half the wattage of the average desktop cpu.
  5. You can get a socket p motherboard that will ues the C2D mobile CPU. Thay also have ATOM CPUs and MOBO combos.
  6. You can use a mobile cpu, Intel P8400 2.26 starting at >$215

    and a socketP motherboard starting at $140

    Or, use a i3-G6950 @2.8 for $90

    and a mini-itx motherboard for $105.

    $355 vs. $195.
    How much value do you put on saving a few watts?
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