Convert four 500w PSU to plug into 1 outlet (Possible?)

:hello: if i get 4 Power Connectors and hook up the 4 x "IN" to 1 x "OUT" and hook it up to a outlet will that tigger and thing bad like "Power Outage" "Fire" "Mobo Circuit Burst" "or will it not give "NEEDed" power of 1 or more "PSU"?

I want to figure out a way to have 1 single PSU to power up 4 mobos or 4 PSU hooked up to 1 outlet..

of corse i would have to split up the "IN", "OUT", and the "GROUND" correctly... any thoughts of ideas or even suggestions?
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  1. You are wanting to pull 2Kw from one outlet. :ouch: Keep your fire extinguisher handy. :) And be ready to explain to the insurance company how your equipment configuration meets the Underwriters Lab standards. :o
  2. Yes, this is too much for 1 wall outlet, or even two if they are on the same circuit.

    You could do this if you had an electrician wire in a high amp circuit but I doubt you would find one that would do this in residential housing.

    I recommend having an electrician wire in a new circuit. This way if breaker 1 trips, only 2 of your computers go down.

    As for wiring 1 PSU to run 4 pc's, I dont think theres a PSU out there with enough amps on the processor circuit to do this unless these were low power cpu's.
  3. nooo the cpus will be either 4x i3-530 dual-cores or 4x AMD Phenom II X6 sex-cores.... i know it is possible to power more than 4 mobos on to one PSU but that is powered by a large 12V DC switching power supply. .... hmmm.. :o *slap in face* :pfff: but i dont want to use that much space.

    why im asking cause i want to configure a cluster .i planing on build for High Performance VMs
    check out this thread for specs

    hmmm what to do what to do hmmmm im all eyes type away Cyber Friends and feed me your information!!!! :hello:
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