Overheating gt 220 ! ?

my gt 220 has had a temp of 102.3 celcius and i know that is hot ive checked air flow and that is good but GPU-z says my fan speed of the graphics card is at zero percent and i do not know why. ive checked it and it should run fine. i need advice on what to do ? i was playing black and white two at the time
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  1. You need to check the BIOS and make sure the fan RPM's are normal and that the system is set to shut off at extreme TEMP's.
  2. lol im a tech noob how can i check that ?
  3. Well just restart computer or turn it on and before it boots watch the screen and you'll see like (Press F12 or Del to enter BIOS).

    Please tell me if you get this far.
  4. ..... :sarcastic: i think ill get that far XD thank you
  5. Once your there go into the system information in the BIOS and let me know how things are running.

  6. :cry: when it was at startup i pressed F1 F2 and so on i pressed delete and escape and nothing worked lol is there another way to find BIOS ?
  7. Your boot up screen won't tell you what to press to (Enter BIOS)???
  8. no i even checked the number pad but that didnt do anything iether :fou:
  9. Have you tried the HWMonitor?

    To download it follow my link:
  10. :bounce: !!! i have just tried it. thank you for the link you posted umm it says that one of my fans is working but i have four fans one in the gpu and the rest are distrubited throught the case.
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    Well another thing to try is to make sure you have the fans placed correctly in the case.

    Heres a picture.
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  13. Thanks for best answer!:)
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