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In order to meet the "bulldozer" (Bulldozer) of the new structure, "Zambezi" (Zambezi) processor, AMD chipset next year will conduct a synchronized update, upgrade to the next generation 9 series, together constitute the new "Scorpion" (Scorpius ) platform.

AMD 9 series chipset will use the Socket AM3 + processor interface , you can continue installation existing Socket AM3 processors, but not the other way, which is now AM3 motherboards can not install the AM3 + bulldozers processor, new motherboard will also support other Turbo Core 2.0 second-generation dynamic multi-core acceleration technology


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Sounds like Intel i7-9xx series?

Let see if that is true and how this performs.
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  1. so i cant just throw a bd in an am3 :( well this socket had to die at some point, i think this socket 940/939/938 has been here long enough, time for an lga desktop amd chip
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