Need to Retreive Data on RAID0 Hard Drives from Dell XPS600

My Motherboard blew out on my XPS and I need to recover the Data on the Hard Drives that were set as RAID0..What can I try?
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  1. You could connect them to another system having the same RAID controller and then detect the array before booting it, but there's always a risk of losing data, particularly when using RAID 0. I presume that you had no important files if you didn't perform backups on a regular basis. If your data is very important, then you should probably consider using professional recovery services.
  2. Another option is, if the XPS is not too old, purchase the same MB from Dell.
  3. If all else fails, you could connect the two drives as individual units and then rebuild the RAID using tools such as DMDE (Windows freeware), mdadm (Linux software RAID), or RAID Reconstructor (trialware).

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):


    RAID Reconstructor:
  4. Or use R-Studio.
    You may use free http://www.***/ utility to find the RAID's parameters.
    As apparently no damage to the data on the disks has been made, you'll see the partition with the files as soon as you create the virtual RAID.
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