Can you mix 1.5v ddr3 with 1.65v ddr3

Can you mix 1.5v ddr3 with 1.65v ddr3?
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  1. I wouldn't. You may get by with it if you set your BIOS RAM settings to 1.5V and increase the latencies to the higher of the two sets of RAM. If you choose this option anyway, POST with only the 1.5V RAM modules to make your BIOS RAM setting changes. Then save and exit. Disconnect your power cord and insert the 1.65V RAM modules.
  2. The short answer is YES

    but it might take some setting up
  3. your 1.5vDDR3 is likely stock speed stuff while the 1.65v is likely Overclock or higher speed ram. Your system will only run all the ram at the speed of the slowest ram installed so while you may be able to run with both types installed - you will be running at the slower speed.

    If you wanted to proceed I would try the 1.65v ram at 1.5v and slowly increse the ram voltage until the system was stable. You do run the risk of burning out the stock 1.5v ram. How big a risk depends on what ram it is.
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