Having doubts about my new build.

I will be getting all of my parts this Tuesday and I am starting to have doubts about my choice and newegg does offer 30 return on my parts. I ended up ordering 2 gtx 470's. One is the EVGA card with the high flow back plate and the other is the MSI twin frozr II version. I also decided not to wait for SSD's to drop price and grabbed a 120 GB but it set me back 300 bucks. I am running a Raid 0 with some samsung f3's. My concern is that maybe I should send the 470's back and the SSD and get 2 480's. I am building this rig mainly for FFXIV but also for CAD so having cuda is kinda important.
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  1. look if u don't care about waiting for the os and firefox to start instantly then just get the 480

    but imo the 470's are fine

    but be sure you have a good airflow case and the enviroment you live in is cold
  2. Well I live in norther Michigan so in the winter it is freaking cold but in the summer we get maybe a month or 2 of 70-80 degree temps. I would really like the SSD because programs like Solidworks and Mastercam sometimes take what seams an eternity to open but really is maybe 8-10 seconds and I have heard that in FFXIV a SSD really helps reduce load times when changing areas. I am just concerned that a lot of people are getting horrible scores on the benchmark and I am guesstimating that I will get around 5000 hopefully with my current build.
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    ya your build is awesome 2 gtx 470's are 2 very high end cards and the sli scailing is just amazing
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